Troy is uniquely situated to bring together the rural and urban sectors of Alabama’s Second Congressional district that stretches from Prattville, Wetumpka, and the state Capitol of Montgomery in the north through the rural Wiregrass in the south.  Born and raised in the small, south Alabama town of Elba, which sits in the heart of Alabama’s second congressional district, Troy King was ten years old when an event changed his life path.

“I’ll never forget it,” he said.  “My dad sold real estate in Elba.  In 1979, that was a hard job.  Inflation was skyrocketing.  Interest rates were high.  No one was buying houses.  My dad called a family conference and told us, ‘We are going to have to make some sacrifices in our family’s budget.  There is simply no money.’  I realized then that families like mine needed someone to fight for them.  I have never forgotten the struggles my dad faced to make ends meet.  It made me a champion for those whose voices, too often, are not heard.  It’s personal this time. Everything I have done before has prepared for this moment to charge into the heart of the beast and to stand up immovably for the little guys across this nation who have been told to go and quietly sit in the corner for too long.  This time, we will no longer sit silently by while the left wing destroys our country!”

Troy and his wife, Paige, and their three children now live in Montgomery.

Troy has spent most of his life working for the people of Alabama, serving two Alabama governors and serving a six-year tenure as Attorney General.  Troy is no stranger to a fight and has never been one to back down from standing up for those things he believes in most.  Troy does not just talk about his conservative credentials, he has a record of burnishing them – he defended the Second Amendment and passed Alabama’s Stand Your Ground or Castle Law that took away the obligation of Alabamians to run away from armed criminals before using force to defend themselves and he wrote Brody’s Law, which, for the first time, allowed criminals who harm a pregnant mother to also be charged for the injuries they cause to her unborn baby.

Troy is still raring for a fight:  “I am fed up with the left-wing liberal nuts who are trying to seize control of our country and to use the Deep State to undo the will of the American people by reversing the outcome of the last election.  First, they tried to beat President Trump at the ballot box and failed.  Then they used Robert Mueller to try to gin up charges to drive the President from office and they failed again.  Now they are trying to use secret, star chamber impeachment proceedings to subvert the will of the American people.  It has not worked yet and it is not going to work now.  Not so long as I have anything to say about it!”

To those who are taking this race for granted because it is a historically safe Republican seat, Troy has a word of caution.  “No one thought Alabama would ever elect a Democrat to the United States Senate, but Doug Jones is proof that, if we nominate the wrong person, no seat is safe.  I know how to run.  I know how to win.  And I will know, on day one, how to help the President save our country.”

Don’t take Troy’s word for it. The numbers speak for themselves:  In 2018, Troy returned to the political arena and campaigned for another term as Attorney General of Alabama.  In the Primary Election, with three opponents, including the sitting Attorney General, Troy carried the Second Congressional District with 46% of the vote, winning every precinct and box in the district.  In the Run-Off Election against the Attorney General, Troy carried the Second Congressional District, winning 55% of the vote.

Troy has tapped into the frustrations of thousands of those who make up the not-so-silent-anymore majority.  He has a twenty-point lead in recent polling.